Working in Japan || Ep 2 Kurly in Kansai Podcast

Second episode of my podcast, Kurly in Kansai is up! In this episode, Alyse and I talk about our experiences working here in Japan. We both don’t teach now but we both started off as English teachers which is the usual path for English speaking foreigners.

Afterwards, we (mostly Alyse) ranted about Ghost in the Shell in Japan. Looks like certain people were asking what Japanese people in Japan think about G.I.T.S’s controversy without really thinking about the history and culture of Japan and their media. Also, it’s irrelevant. It does not excuse the whitewashing just because Japanese in Japan think it’s okay to cast Scartlett Johansson. Alyse explains it further in the podcast.

Lastly we answered a question of making Japanese friends in Japan. Both Alyse and I agree it’s best to not focus too much in making just Japanese friend. Also, take your time because it’s not the same as making friends in your home country at all. I learned the hard way.

Below are the links of the show. (Youtube and Soundcloud)


Youtube video version ↓


Soundcloud version ↓


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6+ years as a Black expat living in Osaka, Japan.

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