I’m Vlogging Everyday For A Month

If you watch active vloggers frequently on Youtube, then you may know what VEDA already means. For those who do not, it stands for Vlog Every Day in April. I chose to participate this year.

Last month I was trying to blog on here every day but got sidetracked with traveling in Taiwan then Tokyo.  Although I am not posting on here everyday I do intend to stay active as much as possible. I seem to keep adding challenges to myself and forgetting others.

Anyway, let’s get back to VEDA. Back in the day, I used to be a more active Youtuber. Then when I decided to take the leap to Japan I changed my channel to document my life here. With the lack of good equipment and my motivation falling I basically stopped. I would post a video from time to time, making about 2-3 videos total in a year. It surprised me that people still watched my videos and continued being subscribed.

Now, I decided to get out of my slump and just make content. Not perfectly edited content but content. With the daily vlogging challenge, it forces me to think of ideas and work on my basic editing skills I lost in the years of being stagnant. I was used to iMovie and Final Cut pro but it took me a lot longer to edit things due to the program’s updates. Luckily, my memory kicked in and I slowly figured things out. I’m making videos again!

After posting the Kurly in Kansai podcast and seeing the positive reactions, I decided to really do VEDA. Granted I decided the day of April 1st. I have to thank my podcast co-host Alyse for putting me on the spot on social media to start. I really want to complete this challenge even though it seems I already have a lot of personal projects in motion. Either way I’m going to do my best.

If you’re interested in seeing me daily this month on Youtube, check out my channel @ Hanayanaa.


Wish me luck!


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6+ years as a Black expat living in Osaka, Japan.

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