Kurly in Kansai PODCAST

Good day yall!

I’ve been super busy this week and gave up on my daily blog posting for this month. That doesn’t mean I won’t post often, though. I grew to like posting again in the 15 days I did the challenge.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you all that me and my buddy of buds, Alyse made a Kurly in Kansai podcast. We recorded on Wednesday, I edited on Thursday and now it’s up on Friday. I didn’t think I could do it at first but I did. I’m excited.

In our first episode we talked about our experiences with the immigration office and ranted about a viral article about Japan that was just plain false. Lastly we gave advice to one of my YT viewers about interviews for Eikaiwas (English conov school). Please enjoy the episode. Heart, thumbs up, like, and/or comment in any of our listening/viewing formats.


Above is the soundcloud link and below is the Youtube video version of the podcast. The Youtube version is about hmmmm 70% video. The camera kept shutting off at some point. Due to me not wanting to stop so much we gave up towards the end.


I hope you enjoyed the episode for real. We have 10 episodes planned and hope to do more if we get a good following. So if you like, please like and share. Thank you!



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6+ years as a Black expat living in Osaka, Japan.

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