Ready Set Read!…in Your 2nd Language

There is a month long contest that I partake through twitter.  An amazing tweeter @Lordsilent (twitter name but click for blog site) moderates this contest for other Japanese language learners.  Recently, not only Japanese learners can join the contest but any second language learners.  It’s a pretty cool concept actually.  Tadoku (the name of the game) basically is EXTENSIVE READING.  Not COMPREHENSIVE but EXTENSIVE.  With extensive reading you are “learning from context and getting used to the language by massive exposure instead of understanding things point by point.”  I don’t really want to explain the whole concept/contest.  Just click that long link and read all about it.

On the other hand I just bought two new books for the contest.  Luckily for me I live in Japan and have a vast variety of kids books (my level of reading) I can choose from.  Everyday I complain (in my head) how much Japanese I don’t know so I continue to jam audio in my head (Japanese music or drill exercises from convo book).  I honestly am still frustrated with my brain.  I still don’t remember the things I want to remember but I’m still jamming that Japanese audio in my head.  As my understanding increases eventually my speaking will improve but for now my brain still wants to translate English to Japanese and that’s the problem.

Learning a second language is the hardest thing I think I have ever chose to pursue.  It is also the longest because usually when things are too hard for me I eventually lose interest and give up.  It is a little different with language so I will continue this forever-long journey.  It’s been more than 18months now since I started and I’m still at it.  頑張ります!

Last contest I didn’t do so well because it was the first month for me being in Japan.  I was pretty busy with training and getting used to the busy schedule.  This time around (July 1st contest) I will beat my old rank.  リベンジする!


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6+ years as a Black expat living in Osaka, Japan.

4 thoughts on “Ready Set Read!…in Your 2nd Language”

  1. Hello Yana-san. Good luck in this contest, my name on Twitter is Nekesu so feel free to follow me and watch my name rise up on the Tadoku list. I hope you’re enjoying your time in Japan I want to go there someday. よろしく!

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